Mens grooming


The following treatments have been specifically tailored to suit men's skin concerns.

Men's Express Facial Treatment

Allow 30min £42

This facial is designed as an introduction to dermalogica. We will start with a double cleanse, exfoliation, steam and a prescription mask and skin protection. It's perfect for people on the go.

De-stressing Facial For Men

Allow 1hr £63

This skin treatment is 100% customised to your skin needs. Each treatment includes a professional double cleansing and exfoliation, steam, extractions, face and shoulder massage, mask and skin Protection. Choose between anti ageing, calming (for sensitive skins), acne clearing, or skin brightening.

Men's Hand & Nail Grooming

Allow 30min £27

A complete hand and nail treatment using Jessica products to keep your active hands looking and feeling impeccable.

Men's Pedicure

Allow 30 min £27. Allow 45min £35

A complete foot and leg treatment including a relaxing herbal soak followed by a purifying foot scrub. Nails are cleaned and tidied before finishing with a pampering foot and leg massage.

Voya Men's Back Treatment

Allow 45 min £50

This treatment starts with a deep cleanse andexfoliation of the back using ground down seaweed,we will then steam the skin on the back and doextractions if needed. We will apply a laminariaseaweed mask and moisturise to finish thetreatment.

Back wax

Allow 30min £28

Chest Wax

Allow 30 min £28


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