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Voya's revolutionary range of certified organic facial products is a showcase of how the best science can release nature's most powerful resources for your benefit and still protect the earth.

Our anti ageing facial range is specifically designed to aid skin regeneration, help the visible signs of ageing, slow the signs of premature ageing, hydrate the skin, increase the firmness through collagen production and help the appearance of fine line and wrinkles.

Voya is Soil Association certified, organic seaweed all sustainably hand-harvested from the west coat of Ireland and is opposed to the practice of animal testing in cosmetic research.


Voya Organic Anti Ageing Restorative Facial

Allow 1hr 15mins £67

Suitable for all skin types though of particular benefit to mature, dry or dehydrated skins. A Skin rejuvenating facial uses a combination of anti oxidant algae complexes, pro-collagen and a blend of organic ingredients to help fight the signs of ageing, hydrate and plump the skin. A powerful, nutrient rich facial. This includes a scalp massage.

The Hogarth Signature Organic Voya Facial

Allow 1 hour £62

Our signature facial uses a combination of anti-oxidant rich algae complexes and pro collagen whichwill benefit people concerned with ageing & hydration. This facialincludes a double cleanse, exfoliation, steam, extraction, a deeply relaxing massage and mask. It is great for both anti ageing and deep ceansing and uses the highest quality in organic ingredients.


Lavender and Seaweed Sugar Glow

Allow 1 hour £64

This treatment uses a medley of ingredientsincluding organic lavender buds and organic sugar toinvigorate, exfoliate and nourish the skin. Afterwardsyou enjoy a light cleansing shower and a shortrelaxing massage. The gentle aromatic body scrubmelts tired muscles and soothes and softens theskin.

Stimulating Seaweed Body Buff

Allow 1 hour £64

Our certified organic Bladder Wrack body buff is theultimate treat for tired and dull skin. The antioxidants of the mineral rich Bladder Wrack seaweedcombined with pure seaweed oils offers a powerfulorganic way to better skin. The body scrub is followedby a light cleansing shower and a short relaxingmassage. The ground down seaweed is a strongexfoliator that stimulates the skin.

Tangle Me Up Body Wrap

Allow 1 hour £66

This all over body treatment revitalises the skin, bybody brushing and hot towel cleansing then relaxestired and lethargic muscles and relieves stress andfatigue. Anti oxidant compounds help to fight thesigns of ageing. This Voya body wrap uses Laminariaseaweed gel to hydrate and condition. It includes ascalp massage.


Voya Back Treatment

Allow 45 minutes £52

This treatment starts with a deep cleanse andexfoliation of the back using ground down seaweed,we will then steam the skin on the back and doextractions if needed. We will apply a laminariaseaweed mask and moisturise to finish thetreatment.

2 Hour Voya Indulgence

Allow 2 hours £107

This treatment package is the ultimate in relaxation. Choose from either the Lavender seaweed sugar glow body treatment or the Stimulating seaweed body buff treatment. We will then finish off your treatment with our Hogarth signature organic Voya facial.


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