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A gentle but challenging exercise class that will stretch your whole body and increase mobility in all aspects of your life.

PureStretch is a 45-60 minute class designed to lengthen the entire body whilst focusing on core stability. Improve flexibility, develop core strength and bring balance to your fitness routine. PureStretch classes are designed in such a way that all levels of fitness can attend and enjoy them.

PureStretch was originally created and founded by Ciaran Organ as a light hearted alternative to classes. With over 15 years of fitness experience in high impact classes, Yoga and Pilates, Ciaran recognised that the three cornerstones of well-rounded fitness are stamina, strength & flexibility. Many peoples concept of fitness is all about the cardio training and the most neglected component is flexibility. It is PureStretch’s mission to address this problem.

The idea was simple, teach people how to stretch correctly and develop core strength. However, it differs from Yoga and Pilates in a number of ways, although all can be great stress reducers and help you feel more relaxed!

How does PureStretch improve your body?

• Improves flexibility
• Develops core strength
• Releases muscle tension
• Suitable for all fitness levels
• Simple and easy to follow
• Sociable and light hearted




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