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A fun and challenging (joint-friendly!) new Yoga and HIIT fusion class taught by Heather Mikkelsen!

Yoga Shred® is a super-effective fusion of yoga and fitness moves. This class gives you all the balance, centering, and endurance-based strength of Yoga, infused with the superior cardio, muscle-defining and sculpting, and whole-body transformation that comes with HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).

Yoga Shred® is a great fat and calorie blasting workout, which keeps burning for up to 48 hours after the class!

Every pose is suitable or modified for strong beginners and up. Shreds are done in Tabata timing, Heather uses 20 seconds activity / 10 seconds rest for 4 or 8 rounds. This is shown to be one of the most effective timings!

Cardio is not only about keeping your weight down, it is so important for your heart health and it is also a great way to lift your mood, increase metabolism and boost your energy. Let’s put on some rockin tunes and get sweaty!

This class is not available to live stream via Zoom.






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