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Professional Dancer and Musical Theatre performer. I graduated, with an honours degree, from Arts Educational Schools London in 2016. As a dancer, I push my body to the limit in a multitude of ways; functional strength, cardiovascular fitness and flexibility. I supplemented this with strength programmes, to achieve a balance between strength, functionality and flexibility. I trained as a Personal Trainer alongside my degree and this has helped me to maximise my potential as a dancer by learning principles that can be applied to any sport, to achieve specific goals.

“If you want to lift dumbbells, Or tone up at the barre, Lose weight, build muscle, You don’t have to look far, Drop me an email, and we’ll start right away, To get the body you want, No more ‘I’ll do it tomorrow!’ Let’s start, together, today?”


BA(Hons) Musical Theatre

REPsLevel 3 Personal Trainer

REPs Level 2 Fitness Instructor

REPs Level 2 Exercise to Music



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