Specialised fitness programme using stretching and strengthening exercises that are adapted to individual needs and ability.

There are numerous long-term benefits of Stretchworks regardless of age or ability. The class brings together members in a friendly, supportive environment and is one of the most popular classes within our Clubs.

As well as helping those with overall fitness and rehabilitative care, Stretchworks welcomes GP and psychotherapists' referrals. GPs can refer for specific health issues including MS, osteo/rheumatoid arthritis, and post operative mastectomy for breast cancer. Psychotherapists can refer for depression and other emotional issues.

Here at The Hogarth Health Club, Chiswick, our Stretchworks classes are designed for beginners, intermediate and advance levels.

Call The Hogarth today for further information or to arrange a personal tour:

020 8994 0500 or Email us