Member type: Adult

Instructor: Peter Willmott

Location: Pool

Level: General

Suitable for all ages, the water is a great environment to work-out in. 

You do not need to be able to swim as Peter will make sure you feel and are safe during this workout, it is important though that if you have any concerns you let him know before the start of the class.

Working against water pressure enables the body to receive an overall fitness programme, with the added benefit of knowing that you can’t fall over and hit the ground hard!

The properties of water is such that the whole body gets an effective workout, it is good for supporting body weight, joints and rehabilitating muscles.

A mixture of equipment is used to enhance the effectiveness of the exercises enabling the participant to increase the intensity of the class at their discretion.

At no time are members expected to exercise in a manner that they do not feel comfortable with.

The class is based on a low impact aerobic work-out with one exercise moving seamlessly into another whilst increasing intensity through the movement.

All major muscle groups are worked, including legs, arms and abdominals.

Peter has been a qualified Aqua teacher with 20 years experience in this field. His calm and confident manner along with some great music to move to, is guaranteed to have you smiling and feeling at the end of the class that it was 45 minutes well spent.


*This class is bookable online and class numbers are capped to 8 in Phase 1 of reopening.


Log into your members booking portal or register your online account at Once the club is open, this class will be able to book by clicking on 'book a class' then 'book' on your desired class. You will then receive a confirmation email with our full T&Cs.