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What’s the difference between Yin Yoga and Power Yoga? March 29 2024 Did you know we offer 9 different types of Yoga classes? We know it might be a little confusing, so we’ve decided to break down some of the key differences. First up: Yin v Power Yoga!

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TENNIS COURTS PLANNED IMPROVEMENT WORKS SCHEDULE 2024 January 30 2024 We are making some essential improvements, which means there will be some short periods in February and early March where our tennis courts are unavailable.

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Introducing The Hogarth Evening Menu January 15 2024 Choose from a variety of freshly prepared, nourishing and delicious one-pot dishes, Monday-Friday from 6-9pm, Saturday and Sunday from 4-7pm. Eat in or take the ceramic pot home to pop in the oven for a quick, convenient chef-prepared meal.

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Meet The Hogarth’s Newest Expert Class Instructors! December 21 2023 Our 2024 timetable introduces 4 exciting new instructors to The Hogarth Club! They joined the team following an audition day.

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Why Should I Train in The Evening? December 20 2023 Can training in the evening improve your workout results? Find out what advantages it brings to your overall health and lifestyle.

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What is Calisthenics? December 20 2023 Calisthenics might seem a little bit daunting, but you might be surprised at the number of calisthenics exercises you’ve already tried!

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MEMBER STORY: Christian Gylling's Back-to-back Ultra Marathons November 20 2023 If you’ve ever thought about doing extreme endurance, or wondered what it's like to push your body to the limits, this is an essential read!

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HOGARTH MEMBER STORY: Hyrox Madrid 2023 October 19 2023 A handful of Hogarth PTs and members take on the Hyrox Madrid September 2023 Event. Here's how they got on!

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The Hogarth Spartan Games 2023 October 04 2023 The Hogarth Spartan Games 2023 Event Summary and Photos!

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The Cold Truth: How Cold Exposure Can Benefit Your Health September 13 2023 From ancient treatments to modern health ‘hacks’, the cold has been a constant companion in our journey to well-being.

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EX-HOGARTH PT, JORDAN THOMPSON FIGHTS FOR CRUISERWEIGHT WORLD TITLE AT WEMBLEY ARENA. August 31 2023 Join us on Saturday 30th September at the OVO Wembley Arena!

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MEMBER STORY: Chris Lewis - Blind Sports and Cross Country Event for Disabled Skiiers July 18 2023 Meet Chris, a truly inspiring Hogarth member that demonstrates exceptional determination with the additional challenge of being blind.

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This Common Mistake Could Be Affecting Your Sport Performance and Training June 28 2023 General Physical Preparation (GPP) vs Specific Physical Preparation (SPP) - here's why you need both for a solid fitness foundation. By Hogarth Personal Trainer Pavel.

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Am I At Risk of Getting Type 2 Diabetes? June 11 2023 This week is diabetes awareness week in the UK, and it is a good time to reflect on this common condition. What is Diabetes type 1 and 2, what are the symptoms, are you at risk and what can you do about it? Read on!

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GET READY FOR THE ARRIVAL OF TECHNOGYM’S “ARTIS CLIMB” MACHINES June 02 2023 Brand New Gym Equipment Arriving June 12th at The Hogarth Club. Prepare to experience the unrivalled Power of Artis Climb.