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Tyre blog copy

Great Tyre of London - My Story October 03 2019 Read the full review of the Great Tyre of London by the tyre, Tyrone himself! ;)

Adam ultra marathon blog

Adam's Brecon Beacons Ultra Marathon September 05 2019 Personal Trainer Adam will be doing the Brecon Beacons Ultra Marathon for Hestia Charity.

Great tyre of london blog

Hogarth Great Tyre of London 2019 September 04 2019 A group of 12 people will be flipping a 60kg tyre around the 2 Bridges in aid of REACT charity Friday 27 Sept at 9:00.

Kyle judo blog

Chat with Hogarth member and Judo athlete Kyle Perry August 15 2019 Find out more about Hogarth member and Judo athlete Kyle Perry and his successes and those to come!

Eccntric training blog

What is Eccentric Training? August 07 2019 Our muscles can contract in three ways: concentric, isometric and eccentric. Find out the benefits and exercises for Eccentric Training.

Squash champs blog

Hogarth Squash Championships 2019 July 17 2019 General Manager, Giles gives a play-by-play of the Hogarth Squash Championships final!

Beach v ball event blog pic2019

Beach Volleyball 2019 Review July 04 2019 What a lovely day. Actually, it was pretty amazing. The return of The Hogarth Beach Volleyball Tournament for the second year in a row was a true reminder of the best of this club.

Cash is king

Cash is King 2 Book and Saatchi Exhibition by Bob Osborne & Carrie Reichardt July 03 2019 Artist and Hogarth member, Bob Osborne alongside contemporary artist Carrie Reichardt release Cash is King 2

Colin white

Colin White, Founder & Chairman of The Hogarth Group, passes 23 June 2019. June 27 2019 It is with a heavy heart that I write to share the sad news of the passing of our Founder and Chairman, Colin White.

Royal marines extreme

Royal Marines Extreme Challenge May 24 2019 We sent a handful of our Hogarth troops to complete the Royal Marines Extreme endurance assault course to raise money for the Royal Marines Charity. See how they got on!

Art exhibition by carole for hazel

Art Exhibition in commemoration of member Hazel Goddard May 02 2019 Artist Carole Skinner exhibits her art at The Hogarth in commemoration of her late sister, Hazel Goddard, a lifelong member of The Hogarth. Read her story

Resistance band blog 2

Training with Resistance Bands May 02 2019 In this day age you will see them commonly in most gyms. But what are they? Why are they so popular? What are the benefits and use for them?

Emma thacker

Emma Thacker achieves FOUR England caps at 15! April 11 2019 Massive congratulations to our member, Emma Thacker for winning Netball Europe for England Roses U17s and achieving four England caps at only 15 years old! Read on to read her journey.

Easter 2019

Easter 2019 Hours & Timetable April 09 2019 During the Easter weekend, the club will be open on reduced hours and there will be a limited studio timetable. We hope you have a lovely weekend!

Paul kenyon dictatorland 2019

Chat with Paul Kenyon on his new book, Dictatorland: The Men Who Stole Africa. March 21 2019 Member and BBC Panorama reporter, Paul Kenyon talks about his new book, Dictatorland.