Rebel Yoga

Member type: Adult

Instructor: Heather Mikkelsen

Location: Studio 2

Level: General

This class is not your usual Yoga class. This is a strong, safe and effective Yoga practice that links traditional with not so traditional asanas that includes synchronised breath in flowing sequences. We focus on building strength in this practice. This class is done to some brilliant music from the likes of Bowie, The Rolling Stones and Classic Disco. The playlists are endless and there is something for everyone.

Modifications are offered to suit every students ability.

*This class is bookable online and class numbers are capped for member safety.



Log into your members booking portal or register your online account at You will need the postcode and email address you joined the Club with. Please call Reception for any assistance on 020 8995 4600.





** This class is available to live stream on Zoom. You can create your free Zoom account at Go to and type in the access password to join a live streamed class. The class access password can be found in the online member booking portal underneath the class name. Please note you do not need to book in advance if you will live streaming the class via Zoom at home. You will need to log in to Zoom before accessing the class.