Step with Simone

Member type: Adult

Instructor: Simone Afonso

Location: Studio 1

Level: General

Step with Simone is a fun, up beat full body workout which works with an elevated platform (step) to target the lower body. You will perform a variety of aerobic movements using the step and sometimes weights to tone, shape and sculpt your body. This is a great cardio workout which also combines co-ordination skills, open to all abilities and fitness levels.

Body core work and balance is targeted in this class through a number of knee lifts and leg extensions on and around the step. The class finishes with a cool down and some deep standing stretches.

Prepare yourself to get sweaty in this intense class going up and down a step platform burning lots of calories and improving your overall fitness levels.





This class is live streamed via Zoom, should you prefer to do the class online. Log into the online members portal to access the class on Zoom, the link will be on the class name in 'Classes'.

Call the Club on 020 8995 4600 for any assistance.