Temporary closure


Further to our Member's Express of 20 March 2020 regarding staying open, many of you will have subsequently heard the Prime Minister’s announcement that Gyms have to close due to steps to stem the Coronavirus. We have, of course, therefore temporarily closed The Hogarth Club from 11pm on 20 March 2020 until further notice. We’d like to thank everyone for their supportive messages and ask that you bear with us whilst we go through replying to individual emails and member queries. 

We do want reassure you that we will use the time of closure to get the Club ready for you when we re-open. We will make sure the Hogarth Team are looked after. Of course, we will not debit your account with any membership fees from the start of April if you pay by Direct Debit. For annual and Direct Debit members, your membership will remain "on freeze" and no further fees will be taken until the Club re-opens. If there are any remaining days in membership - we will credit these to you - so we do hope you will stay as a member with us. For urgent enquiries please contact membership@thehogarth.co.uk.

There are of course many issues to be dealt with, such as, can we keep the Clinic and / or MediSpa open, can the Crucial Café do deliveries, can I collect my belongings from the personal lockers etc. Clarity on these and more will come over the next few days.

We will also be contacting you regarding how we can help one another during this time. Look out for access to free exercise videos, home workout blogs, how you can support the Freelance Personal Trainers and Teachers beyond our own measures. During these extraordinary times, we urge all members to read about our Hogarth Helpers. You may be able to help or you may need help. We are here for you.

In the meantime, stay safe and positive.


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