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EXERCISE IS MEDICINE: How The Octagon Tests at Hogarth can improve your wellbeing

NEW “The Octagon” Health & Fitness tests at The Hogarth can help you focus your goals and boost your immune system.

"Supporting people to achieve and maintain a healthy weight may reduce the severe effects of Covid-19 on the population” - Dr Alison Tedstone, chief nutritionist at Public Health England.

Public Health England (PHE) has published a report which has looked at the relationship between higher Body Mass Index (BMI) and COVID-19. The full PHE report suggests an increased risk of complications or death from COVID-19 for those who are overweight (BMI >25) or obese (BMI >30). These patients are more likely to be hospitalised and/or admitted to intensive care. Another study has shown obesity makes you 37% more likely to die from coronavirus.

Improved fitness levels, an active lifestyle and a robust immune system go hand in hand, and give you the best chance of staying well and fighting whatever comes your way.

rory health test“Our Octagon tests are basically an MOT for the body. Whilst the NHS simply uses BMI, our tests check other key indicators related to weight, health, overall fitness and risk.” - Vojin, Health and Fitness Manager

Our Octagon tests are two 8 point assessments for your Health and Fitness - basically an MOT for the body. We use scientific and medical metrics to give you detailed insight into your health and fitness, and set clear goals that help you improve your overall wellbeing. This will help you make informed positive steps towards healthier, active and sustainable habits.

We have been helping members reach their goals since we opened in 1981, so we are more than ready to help at this crucial time. Tennis, swimming, HIIT, Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, 1-to-1 Personal Training and more is all included in membership at the Hogarth, so you have the freedom to discover something you love that gets you moving. Whilst the NHS simply uses BMI, our tests check other key indicators related to weight, health, overall fitness and risk, so our aims can be personal, focused and clear.

“There is no single solution to tackling obesity. It is likely that many actions will be required to address this, including ones that help prevention of excess weight gain by supporting healthier choices.” - PHE Study 2020

Weight management has always been a multi-pronged approach. It has been a tricky last four months to get through and most of us will come back to the gym needing to be patient to begin with. The long-term change starts on day one, but consistency is key to seeing improvements and we are here to support you through it. The gym team can help set you up with a personal and appropriate programme. This will be fun too, trust me! We will also advise you on nutrition, with tips on a healthy and energising diet. Our intake is the most important influence, but it goes much deeper than a calories in/out equation.

We are here to help you move towards a healthy weight and balanced lifestyle that can reduce your risks at this current time and beyond. Regular exercise will not only boost your immune system - lockdown has really brought to light the positive effect on our mental health exercising has. Our job is to help you enjoy the process of making positive lifestyle changes.

We are excited to get back to doing what we love which is helping people feel better, fitter and stronger. We have made the gym super safe with lots of new measures to protect everyone whilst still getting you to your goals. Sustaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle is a challenge that will be ongoing for us all. We will face new hurdles over time as we age, or our lifestyle changes or perhaps family circumstances evolve. The key to remember is that even if it is not easy it is doable. The Hogarth Club has always aimed to be an inclusive and welcoming place whatever your goals may be. The staff are experienced and excited to help you progress. It is now more important than ever.

The Hogarth Octagon Health and Fitness tests are included in membership and can be booked at Reception.


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