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Great Tyre of London - My Story

Hi I’m Tyrone and I’m not sure what you did last Friday but let me tell you about my day.

Me and 12 of my nearest and dearest pals went for a little walk around the river, all 7.5km of it. Well... they walked, I made my way around doing more flips than an Olympic gymnast, with a little help from my friends. They took turns at flipping me and they weren’t always gentle but I’m a big boy, I can handle myself under pressure.

When I put myself forward for this event I weighed 60kg, however the lazy summer meant I actually came in at 70kg on the day. If anyone is interested in 70 kilos of pure eco-friendly rubber man please contact the sales team. Mention the spare tyre if you’re a badman, I dare you.

To be honest, I was more worried about the rest of the team, I’m not sure they knew what they let themselves in for but they turned up with a great attitude and the buzz was maintained throughout the day. They spurred each other on and helped one another, sometimes even through tough love but it was all love out there. They ensured it never went flat at any stage. I hate it when that happens.

We even had some of our sponsors come out to support and join in with a few guest flips. Club members got involved, members of the public had a go and a special shout out to our sponsors Horton and Garton, who provided two foot soldiers outside the pubs near Hammersmith Bridge. Fully suited and booted they meant business. However, squatting to pick me up can test the best of tailors. Luckily, when he ripped his trousers there was only a couple of dozen people to witness it. Not all heroes wear capes. Or trousers. What a legend.

People often describe me as a bit of a soft touch, but I’m always happy to help with charity and we are very thankful to all our sponsors so far. This was all in aid of React Charity, which is a small local charity supporting children with potentially terminal illness. With one final push we are hoping to inflate the total past £1000.

It was a Goodyear to debut this event and we hope to be back in 2020. Truth be told I’m still feeling a bit dizzy after all of that. However, all 4 hours and 47 minutes were worth it and I’ll do it all over again.

Thanks for making me part of the team, I had a wheelie good time.

Ty x