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Hogarth Squash Final April 2023

General Manager, Giles gives us the exciting run down to the Hogarth April 2023 Squash Final

Ben Edney v Peter Easterbrook


On their journey’s to the final Ben had beaten Simon D, Anuj and Matthew. Peter had taken on Phil, Simon M and Michael.

The gallery was full of spectators and people were watching from the corridor. It was warm on court this evening and the promise of a ding dong was in the offing.


Game 1

Peter won the toss and served.

Both players were testing each other out and playing safe but Peter was slowly racking up the points and went into a commanding 7-2 lead. It looked as if the first game could be over quite quickly but Ben had second thoughts. He calmed himself and without much resistance took the next 7 points to go 8-7 up.

It was game ball to Ben.

Peter was having none of it, despite a couple of service faults he drew level at 8-8. The first game could go either way. There were a couple of changes of serve but Ben got the upper hand and took the first game 10-8.


Game 2

This time it was Ben's turn to serve.

This game started as a bit of a role reversal. Ben went 6-2 up in a fairly short period of time.

Both players were smacking the rubber of the ball and it was flying around the court like the Quidditch golden snitch.

This meant both players did not have to do as much running as I would have liked and it made it harder to play the ‘touch’ game... Ben managed to slow the game down and took control forcing a couple of errors from Peter. Ben took the 2nd game 9-2.

2-0 to Ben, but could he finish it in the 3rd or would Peter come back?

Squash tournament final

Game 3

The third game was a long one, both players were blowing hard, Ben probably more so, or at least that’s how it looked?

Long rallies ensued with tight, clinging shots along the side walls perforated by the occasional delving cross court boast. Ben managed to go 5-2 up with some clever drop shots but then Peter scraped back to 5-5 with a couple of well hit lengths. Service changed hands a few times and Peter struck out into the lead with his own deft drops.

It was 7-5 to Peter and it looked as though the third game could go his way. This would certainly make it more of a challenge for each player. Ben hit a beautiful nick from one of Peter’s lobs and took the next 2 points. 7-7. It was anyone’s game.

Both players now taking their time between serves, nerves were on edge. The service changed hands 8 times as neither player wanted to commit to a winner, instead playing safe and waiting for the other to make an error. Then, Peter made a couple of unforced errors at the front of the court and Ben triumphed 9-7!


3-0 to Ben!


The Hogarth Squash Trophy and a bottle of champagne awarded was to Ben, with a bottle of red wine to Peter.

Well done chaps, what a very entertaining final. A big thank you to everyone who took part in the tournament, I hope you all enjoyed your games. 

Time to get training for the 2023 tournament starting in September…………


Hogarth Squash Final April 2023

Giles Stumpe,

General Manager and keen Squash enthusiast