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MEMBER STORY: Annabel Williams, From Pain To Power

Meet Annabel, a determined woman who refused to let her PCOS weight gain control her life. Follow her journey at The Hogarth Health Club where she overcame pain and transformed her body with the help of her personal trainer Gabriel Jones ("Gabs") and a supportive community.

Read on to discover how Annabel made fitness a part of her lifestyle and found freedom from physical limitations!

What Kickstarted Annabel’s Fitness Journey? 

Annabel had been struggling with the symptoms of PCOS, particularly weight gain as well as pain in her lower back, knees, and feet (plantar fasciitis). Her condition made it difficult for her to carry out daily activities and keep up with her job. Frustrated and in pain, she realised it was time to make a change and that she needed help to do it. 

Annabel decided to join The Hogarth Health Club and began her journey by working with a personal trainer, Gabs. Through a combination of studying her condition and learning how to train effectively and maintain a healthy body, Annabel had finally found the right path. 

How did Personal Training Help Her? 

Annabel has experienced significant improvements in her physical and mental health since starting regular training with Gabs at the Hogarth gym. 

Gabs worked together with Annabel to thoroughly understand her conditions and create a unique training programme tailored to her. One of the main areas of focus has been strengthening and improving mobility in her knees and hips as well as well as overall body strength. Annabel has no cartilage in her knees, which has restricted her movement in the past. 

Annabel is proud to have achieved a significant milestone recently by completing a hike in France that she never would have been able to do six months prior to starting her training. Despite the challenge, her knees held up, and she was able to finish the hike both up and down, which was a major accomplishment for her. 

Overall, Annabel's experience with Gabs at the Hogarth gym has been transformative, improving both her physical and mental health, giving her a new lease on life. 

Gabs: "There’s been a lot of growth and a lot of progress, the main changes I see in her are confidence, knowledge and major physical improvements.” 

Annabel and gabs training

The Mental and Emotional Change 

In particular, Annabel credits training with Gabs for changing her life by making her feel stronger both physically and emotionally, and therefore better able to deal with the world. 

Here’s what she has to say: 

“Training with Gabs at the Hogarth has helped immeasurably with all of my conditions that I was suffering with, the bad back, the bad knees, the plantar fasciitis and most importantly the PCOS. It’s no small thing when I say it’s completely changed my life. My mental health is so much better, I feel so much stronger physically and emotionally and able to deal with the world. My hormones are much more level and therefore I’m far less up and down. Now I’ve been coming for 6 months and it’s a way of life, I always keep it as a priority. I put my gym times with Gabs in the diary and nothing goes before that, and that’s a really important part of how I’ve been able to maintain it.” 

Annabel: "It’s no small thing when I say it’s completely changed my life.” 

The Importance of Community 

Annabel's journey is a testament to the power of determination, support, and the Hogarth community. With the help of her personal trainer, Gabs and the friendly community at The Hogarth Health Club, she was able to overcome pain, manage her weight, and transform her life. 

Her story is an inspiration to anyone struggling with PCOS-related weight gain, pain or any other health challenges. By taking small steps, finding the right support, and staying committed, we can all transform our lives and become the best version of ourselves. 

Annabel says: 

“In general, the Hogarth environment is really a non-scary one when it comes to gyms, and I’ve been a member of lots of different gyms! Everyone here is super, super, friendly and I think that’s the thing, the people are what makes it what it is here. All the personal trainers greet you with a big smile and are all really encouraging and supportive, and that goes across the whole board from the moment you arrive at reception. They’re just a really lovely bunch that make me feel really, really welcome and so, it’s a nice environment to be in.”

Thanks for the kind words, Annabel. Keep up the amazing work!