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MEMBER STORY: Chris Lewis - Blind Sports and Cross Country Event for Disabled Skiiers

Chris Lewis: A Testament to Strength and Determination at The Hogarth Club

Meet Chris, a truly inspiring member at The Hogarth Club. Chris demonstrates exceptional determination, passion, and tenacity in his relentless pursuit of fitness goals, with the additional challenge of being blind. "I've always got the next goal lined up," he says, underlining the spirit of The Hogarth Club, a place where every member's goals are celebrated and supported.

Skiing Success

Every March, Chris gears up for a cross country skiing event in Norway for disabled skiiers, a highly-anticipated annual endeavour. He prepares diligently, months in advance, ensuring he arrives in peak physical condition. This year, his hard work paid off. "It was the best year I've had actually," he shares. His disciplined training at The Hogarth Club played a pivotal role. 

Central to his training regime is the SkiErg. This versatile piece of equipment aids him in honing his fitness, strength, and endurance. Not only does Chris use it for skiing, but he, alongside his personal trainer Vojin, adapts it for other sports like cricket and golf.


Chris' Versatile Involvement in Sports

Blind Cricket is another sport where Chris has shone. This challenging and exciting sport is played with a size-three football filled with ball bearings. Although hitting it doesn’t seem to give him too much trouble, where Chris needed to put in the work was his bowling skills, and working on the overarm action required. His passion for cycling is equally evident. "We literally cycle all year round... do 20, 30 miles around West London," he says. He cycles with his tandem partner, in all weathers except snow (although we suspect he’d be tempted to try).


Chris' Longstanding Relationship with The Hogarth Club

Chris' affiliation with The Hogarth Club dates back to the early days of the Park Club. Over the years, the club has become a part of his family's life, including his guide dog Varley, who has become a beloved figure around the premises. "I've been told he's one of the favourite members," he smiles. We can attest to that - Varley is always welcome behind the reception desk.


The Role of The Hogarth Club in Chris' Training

At The Hogarth Club, we understand that each member's training needs are unique, and Chris is no exception. Vojin constantly adapts his routines to match his sporting calendar and manage any injuries. "It makes me do things that I wouldn't do on my own," Chris says of his tailored workout plans. This personalised approach, coupled with Chris' commitment, has led to impressive feats of endurance and strength.

Despite his visual impairment, Chris enjoys working on the machines where he doesn't need to worry about his lack of eyesight. When he has a Personal Trainer with him, they support Chris with free-weight equipment too. The inclusive and accommodating environment of The Hogarth Club ensures he can focus on his training and goals.



Chris' journey is an inspiring tale of fun, resilience, adaptability, and sheer determination. His story is a perfect testament to the spirit of The Hogarth Club – a supportive community that champions each member's goals. Despite the challenges posed by his blindness, Chris continually pushes his boundaries, proving that it's about what you can do, not what you can't. We are incredibly proud to be part of Chris' journey and look forward to celebrating his future victories.

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