St Peter's Church W4 Shorts Film Festival

Fabrizio is a local resident and also Associate Vicar at St Peter's Church in Chiswick. Their vision is for St Peter's to become a central meeting point for the local community; a place where locals can meet, enjoy art, music, dance, social and cultural events. A place for meeting neighbours and other members of the Local community.

Their new project, W4 Shorts Film Festival is intended to attract young people age 11-18 years old with a Shorts Film Competition to be held at the Church in July 2019.

Picture credit: Surf Girl Magazine

The W4 Shorts Film Festival (W4SFF) would be a 1 Day Film Festival, and is intended to reach out young people coming from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds in Chiswick who are vulnerable, lacking of opportunities, at risk of offending or ex-offenders. It aims at helping them reach their potential and become the best version of themselves. The W4SFF also aims at bringing them together in raising their aspirations, and enabling them to apply to university, set up their own business, seek new job opportunities and grow out of crime. 

The idea is to get involved schools, local youth clubs and educational institutions in Chiswick. Local celebrities have already expressed their willingness to support the event and be part of the judging panel. However, St Peter's Church needs more financial support to make it happen. Here's a message from Fabrizio to anyone interested in helping support their event:

"Dear Friend, we know how much you value and care for our Local community in Chiswick. We need your help. Any donation to support this project would be very much appreciated and help us make it possible for many young people to take part on the W4 Shorts Film Competition. I also wish to thank Dan White for his support and help, and hope that I could count on you too.

Thank you very much

I'm looking forward for hearing from you"

If you would like to get involved and/or donate, email Fabrizio here.