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The Crucial Detox

Founder of The Crucial Café and Clinical Nutritionist, Ruth Wood discusses detoxing and her specially made Detox Packages.

Ruth has worked as a Clinical Nutritionist for 18 years, many of which were involved with addiction rehabilitation, with the main focus to help improve patient’s health and support recovery through good nutrition.  

During the last 5 years of her clinical practice, Ruth has focused more on the cooking and preparation of nutritious meals for her private clients and found the demand so high that her dream was to open a health café. Ruth then found her ideal job and The Crucial Café at The Hogarth Health Club opened in April 2015. The Crucial Café menu is based upon Ruth’s knowledge of no fad, healthy eating.

Who needs a detox? 

Our lives can be challenging and every now and again our bodies feel like they need a rest and some TLC! Our bodies are designed to naturally detoxify but as modern life has massively increased the load of toxins – pollution, plastics and chemicals as well as dietary ones like alcohol, medications, caffeine, additives and preservatives, our bodies may struggle with the load and our ability to detoxify becomes less efficient. 

As well as these dietary and environmental factors, almost everyone loses discipline or overindulges every now and again, with the general fall-out being that we are left feeling sluggish, tired and stressed, have skin issues, gain weight and are regularly fighting off colds and infections.

There are common reasons why people want to detoxify and cleanse – post Christmas, Pre-wedding, after a big weekend, to get a poor diet back on track, post-breast feeding and stress to name a few. 


The Crucial Detoxes have been created by our Founder and Clinical Nutritionist, Ruth Wood. 

Ruth has used her scientific knowledge combined with her love of food to create the Crucial Detox packages that include a wide variety of nutrients, which are known for their cleansing and healing properties, as well as helping the body to stabilise into a more alkaline state. 

An alkaline diet is healthy because it contains good amounts of fruit, vegetables and unprocessed foods. This doesn’t mean that the body becomes ‘alkaline’ – our body can do that very well by itself. We need acids like fatty acids and amino acids but don’t need so much processed, junk food. The kidneys for example, help eliminate acids and maintain our body’s pH. So by giving them a rest from alcohol and caffeine – known diuretics – they can ‘recharge’ and get back to being more efficient!

The food and juices are high in vitamins, minerals and contain different nutrient profiles that nourish your body and support detoxification from all that 21st Century living!

The Crucial Detox packages offer two options: Food and Juice - or - Soup and Juice.

Why Food + Juice?

The Food+Juice Detox includes solid food, soups, juices, tonics and smoothies. It is a great introduction for those who have never done a detox before. 

Why Soup + Juice?

This Detox is completely liquid and so some people may find it more of a challenge. The added benefit of the Soup+Juice Detox is that it gives your digestive system more of a rest to enable it to flood your body with nutrients that are more easily absorbed.

3 or 5 Days?

The main difference is purely whether you think 5 days may be too challenging. You can always do a 3 day to start and then 3 or 5 days the following week. 

What’s the protocol before starting a detox?

Deciding to ‘do a detox’ can be quite a scary thought. Part of that apprehension can be fear of the unknown. To help reduce physiological reactions and to maximise your detox, it’s best to avoid caffeine, alcohol, refined sugar, nicotine, dairy and processed foods for 3-5 days prior to starting.

What additional things can be consumed during the detox?

During the detox it’s advisable to drink up to 2 litres of water per day. This can include coconut water and herbal/caffeine free teas. Also, relax as much as possible and go to bed earlier than you normally would to enable your body to utilise the nutrients more efficiently and to just rest!

Steams and saunas also help, by sweating out the toxins, while exfoliating your skin helps to eliminate them and keep your skin clearer.

What’s the protocol post-detox?

Once you’ve finished and your body is in a cleaner, more alkaline state, the key points are to steer clear of or minimise the things you’ve avoided during the detox. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and take a probiotic for 7 days to replenish good bacteria and support gut health. Ruth recommends Biocare Replete. 

Who shouldn’t do a detox?

As the Crucial Detoxes have a restriction of protein and fat, as well as the fact that the juices are unpasteurised, they may not be suitable for everyone. Pregnant and breastfeeding women, individuals with compromised immune systems, some medical conditions or medications, as well as the elderly and children are not advised to do a detox.

Please check with Ruth if you are unsure of if you’d like more information.


Foods included in the Crucial Detoxes


Highly nutritious, widely available and ‘pack a punch’. They contain digestible proteins, chlorophyll, enzymes and a wide range of vitamins and minerals. They’re a healthy tonic for the brain and immune system, great for glowing skin and a great cleanser for the kidneys.

Nuts, seeds and nut butters

Packed with protein and fats as well as vitamins A and E. They are nutritional powerhouses – you don’t need a lot but they’ll leave you satisfied for hours with bundles of energy.


One of the highest forms of electrolytes in nature. Electrolytes are salts in our cells that carry energy throughout the body. Coconut water is a better alternative to commercial sports drinks that contain artificial sugars and colours. Coconut water also has a molecular structure that is very similar to human blood plasma, which means the body recognises it easily and puts it to good use.

Low sugar fruits

Packed with vitamins and antioxidants, the fruit in the detoxes comes largely in the form of apples, berries, lemons and limes, with a small amount of higher sugar banana for extra electrolytes and energy.


Spices and herbs transform the flavour of dishes as well as having nutritional qualities. Turmeric, ginger, parsley and mint, for example, all have anti-inflammatory and immune boosting properties, as well as supporting digestive health.


Quinoa and chia are high protein seeds that can be eaten as a grain. They fill you up, give good energy and chia also contains omega 3 and 6 which provides support for the brain and nervous system.

Crucial Tonic

This drink contains apple cider vinegar, lemon, water, maple syrup and cayenne – to help alkalise the body and make it detoxify more efficiently.


Our detoxes contain allergens as introduced by the Food Information Regulation. Please refer to for further information. If you have any allergies, please let us know BEFORE booking. 

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