Squash tournament 2024 blog

The Hogarth Club Squash Championships Final 2024

A run down of events leading to The Hogarth Club Squash Championships Final by General Manager Giles.


Passage to the Final:

Ben played Luke McDonnell in the 1st Round and won 3-0. He then came up against Simon Matthews in the Quarter Final and notched another 3-0. Regrettably, he got a bye in the Semi Final against Andrew Monk who was injured.

Peter played Philip Beading in the 1st Round and also won 3-0. In the Quarter Final he was due to play Nick Thomas but instead got a bye as Nick also injured himself (Squash is safe I promise!). In the Semi Final he played Charles Wakeford and kept up his scoreline of 3-0.

 The Hogarth Club Squash Court

The scene was set for the showdown, a repeat of the Final from last year. The Squash Gallery was full of supporters and fellow Squash players.

Was Ben going to triumph again or would Peter wreak his revenge having waited a long year?

The warm up was furious with both players ensuring the ball was bouncing around like mad, probably so they had to do less running, tsk!


Game 1:

Peter won the toss and served.

Both players were nervous and testing each other. Serve changed hands many times and Ben went 3-1 up. Ben hit several tight widths and lengths forcing errors from Peter and won the next 7 points in a row to take the first game 9-1. It was a very quick first game indeed.


Game 2:

Ben served but once again neither player wanted to give any ground. 

It remained 0-0 for 3-4 minutes and then Ben went 2-0 up. Peter responded with a superb dead nick to take the driving seat but then Ben won a stroke from a ball that Peter hit almost back to himself impeding Ben’s swing. Ben won 3 points in quick succession to go 5-0 up and another one of those was a stroke against Peter.

Peter re-grouped and knuckled down. He changed tactics and slowed it down with a few well judged drop shots catching Ben out. The score went to 5-5. By now both players were breathing heavy and neither was willing to take a chance with a winner, instead relying on tight rallies trying to force errors from their opponent.

Ben went 6-5 up, Peter responded and went 7-6 up. Could he draw it back to 1-1 and even the odds? Apparently not!

Ben somehow managed to scrape a ball up that just bounced above the tin and died, ‘by the hair on his chinny, chin, chin’! (The 3 Little Pigs word reference). Peter clearly reeling in disbelief that Ben not only got that shot back but made a winner from it lost focus for a second and Ben romped home with the next 3 points to win the second game 9-7.

2-0 to Ben. 


Game 3:

Ben wanted to finish it off quickly and Peter had nothing to lose.

There was everything to play for. There were a couple of strokes that went Ben’s way and he hit a lovely dead nick at the front of the court that just rolled out to go 3-0 up. This seemed to bolster Ben’s confidence and he moved up the court and started taking the ball earlier putting more pressure on Peter.

Before Peter knew it Ben was 8-0 up and serving for the match. Peter was having none of it and fought hard with deep lengths and dinky drops in the front corners. Peter got 2 points and the score remained at 8-2 for a number of rallies.

Could Peter possibly pull off the come back of all come backs? Ben hit a couple of low balls down the forehand side and Peter could only manage to pop the ball up for Ben to finish off. It was not to be Peter’s night. Ben took the third game 9-2 and the match 3-0.


The Hogarth Club Squash Finalists


Had Peter won the second game we might have had a completely different match on our hands, however, Ben kept his cool and piled on the pressure. At the end of the day Ben was more consistent and this contributed to his triumph.

Very well played Ben and Peter. Congratulations Ben.

 The Hogarth Club Squash Champion Ben

Thank you to everyone who took part in the tournament and thank you to those who turned up to watch from the balcony and then quench your thirst in the Hogarth Bar with the Finalists (how many shots??). 

Back on court tomorrow morning, training for next year’s event, chop, chop!