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The Hogarth Spartan Games 2023

The Hogarth Club hosted their own Spartan Games style event on Saturday 30th September 2023 10am – 12pm, sponsored by local estate agent, Horton and Garton.

We had joy, we had fun, we had sore legs in the sun. An immense effort from some very brave souls. Just your regular Saturday morning on the front tennis court.

The weather was kind, unlike the kids with the water guns, but the spirits were high as everyone who competed put in an absolute shift. Congratulations to everyone who got around twice. It’s amazing how laps of just 3-4 minutes can take so much out of you. Most of us will never forget the moment our bodies started to fade. You did yourselves and your teams proud and were a big part of an immense day.


The Hogarth Spartan Games 2023


The run was fun, the box jumps a precursor to tiring legs before the frustrating balance beam tested your metal. Onto the pot luck of the slam balls before some often acrobatic mat crawls under the net preceded a spring up into the tyre toe taps.

From there it was onto the two leg burners back to back, deadlifts and burpees. Ouch! The climb over and under the tables which followed was without much spring but plenty of resilience. Vintage press ups then a slalom run got you onto the back straight.

The farmers walks were done with some strong minds and proud chests and then back onto the floor for one final time with the renegade rows. From here many a fast lap was made or broken during the bucket ball throw. When your body is tired from such exertion a delicate ball throw becomes a lottery. The sight of that ball finally landing in the bottom of the bucket provided us all with a much needed boost ahead of the finishing stages. More legs. Dynamic lunges were the precursor to the final frog jumps which got you to the end.


The Hogarth Spartan Games 2023


A group of inspirations. Not only did they get a headband out of it but everyone’s respect. Big thanks to all those who came to watch and cheer on, you all played a part in making this an awesome day. From some of the discussion post event and many accusations of faulty technique and dodgy counting it can only mean one thing… a rematch! Phwoar.. nothing beats a narrative in sport and it will be great to see everyone back for the next one.

Congratulations to the winners of all 4 finals, Joe’s team, Shannon's team, Goran’s team and the grand final winners… Gabs’ team!

Finally a big thank you to our sponsors Horton and Garton who supported us once again in our endeavours to make our events, fun, challenging and welcoming.

See you all next year!