Winter Gym Challenge

Winter is comi… it’s HERE! And we have a whole new Fast Lap challenge for everyone to attack, getting stuck in to 2018 like we all did to Christmas dinner.

New Hogarth HIIT Winter Gym Challenge

The 7 hurdles to your fast time ARE:

1. 500m ROW
2. Deadlift + Burpees 10 x 6 x 10 x 6 40kg or 20kg 
3. Slam Ball x 20 10kg or 5kg
4. SKILLMILL 200m run
5. KB Rope Pull and Carry 24kg or 12kg
6. Crunch Wall Throws x 15 at target 2/4/6 in sequence with 2kg ball
7. SKI ERG 200m

Predicted times are between 7-11 minutes. Video to follow soon!

Get in touch with the gym team to have a go. Happy New Year!