Great tyre of london blog

Hogarth Great Tyre of London 2019

This event has now concluded.
Starts: 27 September 2019 at 09:00
Ends: 27 September 2019 at 17:00

With the news being so quiet recently we thought it was time to create a historic event. 

An elite squadron of 12 misfits, the Dirty Dozen, will attempt to flip a tyre around the two bridges. That’s a 60kg tyre. On a 7.5km course.

They will take turns to individually flip the giant doughnut in a relay fashion. It is something that hasn’t been done before so as to how long it will take, your guess is as good as mine. That is why as sponsorship we are doing a sweepstake. A £5 donation gets you one guess, £10 for 3 guesses and £20 is 8 guesses. The closest guess will win a Hogarth goody bag.

We will set off on the morning of 27th September at 9am. As the nights close in we are hopeful this will give us enough time to make it back for tea. If you see a big tyre floating in the Thames you didn’t see us.

We are raising money for local charity REACT, Rapid Effective Assistance for Children with potentially Terminal illness. Any money raised will make a big difference to a smaller charity.

If you would like to come and support the Dirty Dozen at any point, please come and see them regret their decision before they’ve even reached the A4.

See you on the flip side.