Alison Evans

Alison Evans, founder of Stretchworks, began developing this exercise programme over 30 years ago. Having initially trained and worked extensively as a professional dancer with top choreographers including Arlene Phillips, and teaching at the Pineapple Studios, Alison started to explore alternative approaches after seeing the numerous injuries dancers were sustaining.

Initially she was asked to work with athletes and dancers and, as they were experiencing fewer injuries and recuperating relatively quicker, Alison was soon brought to the attention of elite athletes: spending 3 years with a Premiership Football Club, and working with Torvill and Dean as they prepared for their 1994 Olympic comeback.

With growing demand for Stretchworks, and seeing the numerous long-term benefits both physically and emotionally, Alison developed the work further so everyone could benefit from Stretchworks, regardless of age or ability. As well as helping those with overall fitness and rehabilitative care, Stretchworks now welcomes clients through GP referral for specific health issues (including MS, osteo/rheumatoid arthritis, and post operative mastectomy for breast cancer), and through psychotherapists for depression and other emotional issues.

In response to the overwhelming demand for Stretchworks, Alison released a Stretchworks General level fitness DVD, and is now preparing a teacher-training course in collaboration with medical practitioners to train up future Stretchworks Instructors across the UK.

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