I trained at Trinity Laban formerly known as Goldsmith College, the Laban Centre in Dance Theatre. My ballet teacher sent me to Alan Herdman because of an upper back issue I had. Under his supervision, his assistants corrected my posture. I became totally absorbed by Pilates and did as many workshops and classes I could! After dancing/performing professionally for 5 years; I later attended his Teacher training course to study the technique in depth and appeared in his highly popular book Pilates Directory.

Alan Herdman was responsible for introducing pilates in the UK. Since then there are many different styles of Pilates which have now emerged. I have a level 3 advanced Diploma in Pilates and also reps registered. I started teaching Pilates in 2004 in health clubs and pilates studios. Clients come to classes with all different needs and the most important thing is you; finding the right Pilates exercises that fit your body type, condition and ability.

There is a focus on breathing and with regular practice you will feel and see stronger, longer muscles, an improvement of posture and abdominals that will support and stabilise you. Not only in exercise but in your every day life. If you don’t use you lose it and you can apply that to muscles and many things. I am currently on a Studio Pilates course to keep in touch with industry research and to up‐date my skills. In my free time I enjoy music and the piano and spending time with my family.