Karen Stone

I took my first Yoga class at 17 and have continued until this present day. I trained in Sivananda Yoga in 2000 and have been teaching at the Hogarth since. I still continue exploring other styles of this practice, regularly completing courses and workshops throughout the year.

I previously worked in Film and Theatre sculpting and painting and the I found that practicing Yoga kept me calmer during the tight deadlines. I know how much I have benefited from my Yoga practice and I want to share that with others.

I am qualified to teach Pre/post-natal and children's Yoga and I have taught in primary schools, more recently I am teaching Yoga as part of a GCSE in Physical Education. I also teach relaxation techniques through breath, movement and visualization for companies in their 'Wellbeing Programmes'. I am able to address 'Wellbeing' from a different angle from training in an NLP as a master practitioner.

My Yoga classes vary, I draw on different Yoga styles depending on the needs of the group. I like to give everybody the chance to work at their own level so I give students modifications. The feedback I get is that everyone feels included. I believe it's important to encourage people to challenge themselves when they are ready to.