I'm Marilia Zellner or 'Mari' for short, a California-born, Les Mills instructor that has taught BodyPump since 2017 across the US and now in West London. I have taught a variety of other formats over the last 10 years, including HIIT, cardio dance, cardio kickboxing, PiYo, for adults and children. 

I got into teaching classes as a way to bring balance back into my own life; after the birth of my third child, I fell in love with GroupEx as a wonderful way to connect with others in my community and be a part of a team with a shared love of fitness.  

I am excited to both teach and to be inspired by the participants in class; we all draw strength from one another and to push together to be our best selves. Do what you love but also be open to trying on new experiences with a positive attitude. This is the secret to the fountain of youth, along with a love of your journey along the way!