Shanti Bhoola-Evans

I have worked in the health and fitness industry for over 30 years.  From starting as a gym instructor to sports therapist. Now, however, my focus is on teaching Pilates.  I am fascinated by human anatomy and have never stopped studying (in London and New York) and adding to my knowledge.

I love Pilates as a form of exercise as well as a remedial tool to aid recovery from illness and injury. I am passionate about helping people understand why they are doing an exercise and how it will help improve their posture and their health.

As a sports massage therapist I trained in ante-natal massage and as a Pilates teacher I followed through with pre/postnatal Pilates. In April 2013 I completed The Pink Ribbon Program certification as Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist and am now listed as a qualified post-cancer rehabilitative Pilates teacher.  View their website here.

I continue to learn and develop my practice from working along side my teacher Trevor Blount and regular lessons with Alan Herdman.  But, often I learn so much more from my clients who continue to challenge and inspire me. Learning about our bodies and movement is fascinating in a healthy body, but we can learn so much more from a body that is in need of balance, strengthening and rehabilitation.