Body Conditioning**

Member type: Adult

Instructor: Dean Antoine

Location: Studio 1

Level: General

*This class will be live streamed via Zoom if weather doesn't allow class to be outdoors. You can secure your place in the class by booking online in advance and finding the class Meeting ID at You do not need to book when joining on Zoom.

This body conditioning class is designed to improve your overall fitness levels by testing your stamina, endurance, strength and coordination which will in turn re-shape your body figure. This is a lively, energetic class which utilizes hand weights, body bars and floor mats alongside a series of aerobic exercises such as squats, lunges, leg raises, planks and abdominal work.

The class will begin with some deep stretching and light movement as part of your warm up which will then develop to more of an intense aerobic workout focusing on all muscle groups to really tone that body. You will receive a complete body workout in this class. Finishing off with a ten minute deep stretch.

This class is suitable for all levels of fitness, there is always a mix of different ages and abilities so everyone is welcome. 

Dynamic aerobic warm-up followed by strength and endurance exercises that challenge the entire body using hand held weights & body bars.