Member type: Adult

Instructor: Alison Evans

Location: Studio 1

Level: General

Stretchworks offers you a unique exercise programme endorsed and supported by medical practitioners and psychotherapists. Based on 30 years experience, and created by ex dancer Alison Evans, Stretchworks is highly regarded amongst elite athletes and dancers, and designed to be adapted for any age and any ability.

Stretchworks introduces sequences of controlled stretching and strengthening exercises specifically devised to flow one into the other to enable you to achieve the long-term benefits of being supple and strong, aligned and balanced. Stretchworks is straightforward and easy to understand. It doesn’t impose rigid exercise disciplines but adapts to your needs and ability so each exercise can be taken at your own pace, and in your own way.

With growing and established research exploring the relationship between the emotional and physical and their impact on our general health, Stretchworks is at the forefront in delivering a unique approach that influences all these aspects, directly contributing to the overall wellbeing of the individual. As you will discover, the benefits of controlled stretching are limitless and play a pivotal role in helping you achieve and maintain optimum fitness for life!

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