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Hogarth Personal Trainers Joe Johnsey & Martin Jennings alongside a handful of Hogarth members, including Georgie, Joe L and Morgan, took on the challenge of the Hyrox fitness event.

With events held across the globe, our Hogarth team took on the Hyrox event in Madrid, September 2023! Read on to discover how the day went, how they prepared for it at The Hogarth Club and what’s next for this lovely bunch.


WHAT IS HYROX? - The Ultimate International Hybrid Training Event

Hyrox combines both running and functional workout stations; it is a “hybrid event with the run being 50% of the event. I knew I had to improve my compromised run while developing my strength,” – Morgan.

Participants run 1km, followed by 1 functional workout station, repeated eight times. The functional exercises include “SkiErg, sled push, sled pull, burpee broad jumps, RowErg, farmer's carries, sandbag lunges, and wall balls.” - Joe L.


THE HOGARTH TAKE ON THE CHALLENGE – a Team that Encourage and Inspire Each Other

After "tricking" Hogarth members Guy and Morgan into doing Hyrox in Copenhagen “with myself and Martin, we knew our technique was watertight. I then deployed said technique on Joe and Georgie in my monthly club session with each of them. With some devious teamwork from Martin, our nagging, and the promise of celebratory sangria, the Hogarth Hyrox Madrid gang was formed.” – Joe J.

Joe and Martin have been a big influence in signing up Hogarth members for the event: “Hyrox wasn’t even on my radar before I joined The Hogarth as a member. I have Joe and Martin to thank for inspiring me to compete. They were both instrumental in structuring and supporting my training, and I can’t recommend them enough to anyone interested in trying Hyrox or just improving their overall fitness.” – Joe L.

Hogarth member Morgan, having completed his first half marathon last year, wanted "to challenge myself with another type of fitness race. After discussing with PTs Joe and Martin and some other Hogarth members, we decided to sign up for the Hyrox Madrid!" – Morgan.

“As for myself entering the race, is the truth that I signed up because I needed to show my clients and fellow PTs who is the fastest and most well-rounded athlete? Or did seeing each person achieve something they thought they'd never be able to do make it all worthwhile? The jury is still out on that one.” – Joe J.

 The Hogarth PTs & Members take on Hyrox Madrid 2023


THE HYROX EXPERIENCE – Challenging, Rewarding, Surprising

Our members found the Hyrox event to be very challenging but also surprisingly rewarding: "It was tough, physically very challenging, but somewhat enjoyable! The adrenaline kicks in, and it becomes a bit of a blur afterwards. The hardest part for me was the sled push; it's heavy and almost double my body weight." – Georgie

“Hyrox was undoubtedly the hardest physical challenge I’ve faced, but also the most rewarding. I’ve always enjoyed competing in sports tournaments and going to the gym, but this was my first proper fitness event. So, I didn’t have a specific completion time in mind, only the hope to finish. I’m pleased to say I did.” - Joe L

The Hyrox event had a motivating but friendly feel and "welcomed professional athletes but also everyday fitness enthusiasts, which created a very friendly atmosphere and supportive community!" – Morgan

The venue just outside of Madrid’s city centre “was enormous and a little intimidating at first. What struck me quite quickly, though, was just how friendly everyone was; any egos were left at the door, and there was loads of support from fellow competitors, stewards, and spectators. It was a really motivating environment to be in.” – Joe L

Hogarth PT Martin first competed in the doubles category with his girlfriend. “We achieved a very respectable time, and perhaps more importantly, competing together didn't ruin our relationship, and we've both gone back for more.” – Martin


HYROX TRAINING AND PREP – Continuous, Consistent and Targeted 

For all the members that signed up for Hyrox Madrid September 2023, personal trainers Martin and Joe, alongside the extensive facilities of The Hogarth Club, were instrumental in supporting them to take on the challenge and keep them motivated throughout their training leading up to the event.

Martin and Joe are “both a great laugh, and there’s never a dull moment when training or chatting with either of them. One of the great things about the club for me is that as much as it is a place to train, it’s also such a welcoming, warm environment. I’d never imagined travelling to Madrid with Joe, Martin, and seven other people I didn’t know to compete in a fitness event, but here we are!” – Joe L

For Georgie, it was the first fitness event she'd done, so she adapted her routine with more HIIT and Hyrox style training alongside her strength training: "Hogarth PTs Joe and Martin helped a lot by sending some good workouts they created, as well as training with them." - Georgie

The gym equipment at The Hogarth was essential in the training for all the participants, especially when it came to the functional training. "I was able to develop my technique using the Hogarth gym equipment such as the SkiErg, RowErg, and Sledge." – Morgan

Joe L found that his training was quite varied, and although he didn’t follow a specific programme, “I exposed myself to each of the functional exercises and completed a variety of high-intensity circuits, which Joe and Martin helped me to structure. Burpees and wall balls were particularly challenging for me, so I dedicated more time to practising those exercises.”

As well as the complimentary monthly PT sessions that Hogarth members are entitled to, PT Xtra is available as a paid-for add-on for extra support and guidance, which Morgan found integral to keeping up this new fitness routine; "I had private PT sessions with Joe multiple times a week. Joe was able to tailor my training specifically to the event and to develop my weaknesses." – Morgan

Preparation for this event was key, with the run being a big part of the race: “I really focused on trying to improve my aerobic fitness and running technique in the build-up to the event. One of the big challenges is that you are effectively running while compromised because most of the functional exercises are designed to exhaust your legs. With that in mind, I also spent some time during my training programme running after completing lots of lunges, burpees, and wall balls, so that it wasn’t so much of a shock during the event!” – Joe L


 Hogarth PTs & Members Hyrox Madrid 2023


HYROX TRAINING WORKSHOPS - by Hogarth PTs Joe and Martin

Joe and Martin initiated specific group Hyrox-style training sessions to thoroughly prepare both strength and cardio capabilities, ensuring participants were ready to compete and succeed in the event. "In addition to the PT sessions, Martin and Joe co-hosted some group training sessions with other members, providing us with important advice." – Morgan

PT Joe is keen to encourage more members to engage with this rapidly growing sport. “Whilst the individual race might seem hardcore, options are available for relay, doubles, and mixed doubles categories, accommodating all levels of fitness, abilities, and age ranges. We hope to have our classes up and running before Hyrox London!” – Joe J. Watch this space!

The team experienced a strong sense of community as it expanded. “Joe and I began running some impromptu Hyrox sessions with friends, clients, and colleagues. This ultimately led to a group of us travelling en masse to Spain and smashing the event in Madrid.” - Martin

Contact Joe@thehogarth.co.uk or Martinj@thehogarth.co.uk to enquire about these Hyrox specific style training workshops.

Joe johnsey and martin jennings hyrox training

WHAT’S NEXT IN STORE? - Future fitness goals, plans and ambitions

Even though it's clear that the Hyrox event was exceptionally challenging for our members, they were surprised at how much they enjoyed it and are eager to participate again! With guidance from Joe and Martin, as well as mutual encouragement within the group:

“It was my first fitness event. I said I would never do it again, but I'm actually keen to participate in another one in the new year!” - Georgie

“Since participating in Hyrox Madrid, I have continued personal training with Joe and I’m looking forward to joining the Hyrox-specific sessions that Martin and Joe will soon be hosting. I aim to achieve a better time at Hyrox Birmingham in October and Hyrox London in November.” – Morgan

“By the end of the year, I will have competed in almost every Hyrox category (this year I've done mixed doubles, an individual men's, and in November I'm entering the pro men's category). I look forward to taking this experience into 2024 and setting some ambitious future Hyrox goals.” - Martin

Joe and Martin have warned the Hogarth members that Hyrox is as much a mental battle as it is a physical one. “That became clear just a quarter of the way into the race when my quads already began to tire. Being able to persevere and ultimately complete the race gave me such a sense of accomplishment; it was a unique, energising feeling. I enjoyed it so much that I’ve already signed up for my next Hyrox in London in November!” – Joe L

Hyrox Birmingham is just around the corner. “Currently, I'm in my taper week, during which I hope to post another fast time (hopefully sub 70 minutes) in preparation for Hyrox London, where I will compete in the pro category. This time, I didn't even need to hoodwink Guy and Morgan into coming with me; they signed up all by themselves! If you want to see how I do, or check out other Hyrox-type workouts, follow my new Instagram @dripp.inginfitness.” – Joe J

hogarth personal trainers and members at hyrox Madrid 2023


CONGRATULATIONS – a great achievement, true Hogarth spirit

A huge congratulations to everyone who competed; it has been wonderful to witness such a fantastic team effort from all! “It was a weekend I will look back on fondly for many years, and I’m really grateful to Joe, Martin, and the entire Hogarth Health Club for making it possible.” – Joe L

A big shout-out to our personal trainers, Joe and Martin, for driving the Hyrox event and creating a strong sense of community spirit within Hogarth. If you have an upcoming event, why not book one of your inclusive monthly personal training sessions?

“It's been truly inspiring to see others compete, some for the first time, hopefully providing valuable experience for their training as they prepare for an event like this. It was great to see everyone commanding their race, and I look forward to many more in the future!” - Martin

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