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MEMBER STORY: Morgan Decourriere weight-loss transformation at The Hogarth Club

Meet Morgan Decourriere, a 26 (going on 27) year old Hospitality Revenue Consultant who has undergone quite a transformation since joining The Hogarth Club in April 2021. We met with Morgan to hear more about his weight loss journey, which has been supported by Hogarth PT, Joe Johnsey from start to present!  

How long have you struggled with your weight for?

For most of my life, I have been considered as overweight. And of course, lockdown didn’t help. I didn’t have any confidence in going to the gym or much knowledge in what to do to lose weight. 

What kickstarted your weight loss journey?

I received a bit of a wake-up call when I was offered the vaccine very early on – even before my 85 year old Grandmother! As I was classified ‘higher risk’ purely because of my weight. As more research came out about COVID symptoms being worse in those with obesity, I decided to join The Hogarth Club as soon as gyms reopened in April 2021.

I only live 5 minutes from The Hogarth and I found out about their offer of 5 free Personal Training sessions in your first month with 1 free per month thereafter. I also started on PT Xtra with Joe and I now have 3 PT sessions a week. These sessions were integral in kickstarting my weight loss journey, staying motivated and keeping me on track!

Morgan and Joe training at the Hogarth Club chiswick

What is your training programme?

Joe sat in for 5 minutes with Morgan and explains,

Morgan started with full body training sessions to learn the basics first, as well as rehab and mobility for his back injury, two times a week. We also started on his cardio and muscular endurance with short bursts of HIIT training to help promote his weight loss. 

After a few months, when Morgan’s strength started to grow and he started to notice the positive effects of exercise, he wanted to up his PT sessions to 3 a week. So we switched to split sessions for more targeted, in-depth strength training. We did, and still do; 1 push, 1 pull and 1 leg session a week with core incorporated in each. We go on runs together in between these sessions.

Morgan being French, after every set we say ‘bon anniversaire’ not because it’s his birthday, my French is limited to this and telling Morgan that ‘the small fish is unwell’.

Morgan has been amazing at staying positive and keeping consistent with training 5 days a week ever since he started. He is a perfect example of what happens when a client shows up consistently.

How long until you saw results?

The first 20 kilos came off fast, within 3-5 months. I eventually lost 45 kilos in 10 months whilst keeping and now gaining some muscle. We’re now working towards my goal of pulls ups in July!

Morgan decourrierre before and after the Hogarth Club

What has the mental change been before, during and now?

I am much more confident, within myself and in the gym, which has felt very empowering. Joe has been such a great help and support throughout and I couldn’t have done it without him. 

Before I would have been really self-conscious in the gym and worried a lot about what people thought of me. I feel more free of these thoughts and have learnt to enjoy my time exercising as it’s now a big part of my life and routine!

Keep it up Morgan! What an inspiration. Well done to both you and our Joe!

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