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Why Should I Train in The Evening?

Can training in the evening improve your workout results? 

We’ll start with some words from our Gym Manager, Vojin:

"The Nike slogan of 'Just Do It' has proved timeless, and it is still apt for gym goers around the world. In an era when many find it a struggle to find the time to exercise, doing any at any time is to be applauded - but working out in the evening does come with its own unique benefits."

Hands up, how many of us have sworn we’ll workout in the evening but when the night falls we’ve not so much as picked up a dumbbell? If you’re looking for a reason to head to The Hogarth after dark, here are some hidden benefits that might inspire you to get your nightly movement session started.



Can working out in the evening improve your performance?

Have you ever trained in the evening before and hit some personal bests, or even just felt particularly strong in your workout? Well, that’s not by chance! Throughout the day, our body temperature tends to rise, and it peaks between late afternoon and the evening.
Studies have shown that this increase in body temperature, along with hormone fluctuations, creates an optimal environment for peak muscle performance which means you can, generally, strengthen your muscles most in this time!

Additionally, if you’re training for an event and it will take place during the evening, you want to make sure your body is used to reaching peak performance at these times.

A great way of testing this out for yourself is to work with your PT to set some measurable goals, then try training at a few different times throughout the day and see which sessions brought you closer to your goal.



Can training in the evening help keep your workouts consistent?

Consistency can be one of the biggest battles when it comes to training and seeing results, but creating those regular patterns will help form the basis for your long term success.

So how can working out in the evening help you achieve consistency?

It’s simple: are evenings a good time for you to train? Is it the only time you’re able to squeeze in that little bit of ‘you’ time? If so, there’s no need to force a workout into an already packed morning - use your evening window to reach your goals. 

According to the Sleep Foundation, there’s even been some evidence to suggest that our circadian rhythm may respond best to training in the evening. This means we might be able to sleep better, have better quality sleep, and feel more alert throughout the day!

Our class timetable is a great way to bring movement into your evening schedule - all you have to do is show up and get moving. Will you go high-intensity with a Night-Owl Cardio Blast, or more relaxing with a Restorative Yoga?

The Hogarth Club Gym


Does exercising in the evening lower stress levels?

Hard day at work or at home? Coming to the gym afterwards can really help you blow off some steam and clear your head. Exercise is proven to give us a rush of those feel good endorphins, along with a dose of dopamine to leave us feeling much happier than we arrived. 

Exercise can also calm feelings of anxiety or depression, and with life stressors generally arising in the day, the evening can be a great time to unwind and wipe the slate clean before sleep.



Is the gym quieter in the evening?

We’ve all experienced having to wait for someone to finish using the piece of equipment we’ve got our eye on! Here at The Hogarth, the gym generally gets quieter and quieter as the evening goes on, meaning that you get lots more room in the gym and the likelihood of waiting for any equipment or machines is drastically reduced.

So, if you’re on a tight time schedule, evening training may become your new best friend!

The Hogarth Club Gym


Can training in the evening save you money?

Ok, this one is a bit of a stretch - but stay with us. We know many of our members are out for dinner or drinks a few times a week. We all love a social, and it’s important, but even swapping just one of those nights out with an evening training session means that you’ve saved your wallet from that one drink you were having after work (that, in some cases, can turn into more… Who’s round is it?).

There’s also a social aspect to classes - many of our members make friends and communities around their favourite classes or times to train, which expands your social circle and gives you a new way to socialise around fitness and movement.

Read our member story about Barbara, who moved to the area with no connections, and found an amazing class community at The Hogarth.



But, will I be able to sleep if I workout in the evening?

Great question! This one is controversial. A bit like coffee before bedtime, it will vary from person to person.

Some people find that exercising vigorously in the evening leaves them feeling really energised and, therefore, unable to get some shut eye when they try to. On the other hand, some people find that evening exercise helps calm their nervous system so that they feel nice and sleepy at bed time. What works for you can only be discovered by giving it a try. 


Gym Manager, Vojin, says: 

If you’re working out fairly close to your usual bedtime, perhaps opt for some more moderate exercises like steady state cardio, light resistance work or holistic classes to give you the workout you need, without energising you so much you struggle to sleep. As mentioned earlier, exercise is great at reducing anxiety and this will also increase your sleep quality."


Take a look at our timetable and see which classes might make perfect twilight class options for you.

The Hogarth Health and Fitness Manager Vojin

In Summary...

Overall, the benefits of training in the evening extend beyond the physical effects of your workout, encompassing mental well-being, peak performance, and a more convenient gym experience. So, next time you contemplate cancelling your evening workout, remember the potential advantages it brings to your overall health and lifestyle and maybe give it a try.

We’ll leave you with Vojin’s closing words:

"When it comes to nocturnal activity give it a go or as Nike said, 'just do it'. After all, their founder is a certain Mr Phil Knight(owl)."