We're Ready to Welcome You Back

We have analysed each area of the club
and adapted and innovated at every turn
to make sure that you are in the safest of
hands here at The Hogarth.

Read on to find out our key safety measures
in each area of the Club.


Opening 25th gym3


On Monday 23rd November, it was confirmed in a parliamentary debate and announcement from the government's “COVID-19 Winter Plan” that we can reopen on Wednesday 2nd December!

It was further confirmed that the fitness and physical activity facilities will be able to remain open under all three tiers of the government's new COVID-19 alert system, which will be introduced when lockdown ends. GOOD NEWS.

Throughout Lockdown 2.0, we were able to offer online Zoom classes and keep The Airedale Bar open for takeaway only. Some practitioners were able to continue treatments in The Hogarth Clinic and Medispa under their individual Governing bodies. We are now completely ready to reopen the main club and can't wait to safely welcome you back.


Hogarth covid secure protocolsKEY MEASURES

The safety of our members and staff is our number one priority, and while things will look a little different, we will continue to provide a premium and personal health and fitness experience. We will be incorporating extensive cleaning protocols and social distancing practices throughout the club. Key measures include:

We have launched a brand new online booking system for members to book tennis, outdoor classes and outdoor gym use. The pool and spa pool will also be bookable just before we open. There will be a maximum of 3 people per 30 minute pool session and 1 person (or 2 from the same household) 30 minute spa pool bookings. Watch how tutorial on how to access online bookings here. Members can register or login to their online account at www.thehogarth.co.uk/bookings

Due to popular demand and after careful investigation and consideration, we have made the decision to open an extra lane in the swimming pool, so there are 4 30 minute swim sessions available to book online.

Upon further evaluation of the club, we felt confident that we could safely open up more spaces in the changing rooms. There are now 4 male and 4 female bookable spaces every 30 minutes. These are separate to Swimming Pool and Spa Pool bookings and only allow a shower and change. Please continue to arrive ready changed and only book a changing room slot for after our workout. Login and book online here.

We have designed an extensive one way system laid out via signage throughout the club to limit member contact. Our safety signage also acts to remind members on how to practice safety and hygiene in the club.

Foot pedal hand sanitiser dispensers and viricidal disinfectant cleaning equipment stations will be located throughout the club including reception, gym, studios, outdoor gym, bar, medispa and clinic. Machines and equipment will be cleaned thoroughly throughout the day by our cleaning team, but members are encouraged to also wipe down any kit before and after use for extra precaution. Our housekeeping team has doubled in size and will be working round the clock, day and night, to disinfect commonly used areas of the club and complete daily deep cleaning.

We have invested in a medical grade cleaning robot that uses germicidal UV lamps to provide the required disinfection of the coronavirus and more. UV light cleaning robots are used in hospitals for maximum effective cleaning. Watch Helios in action here.

To allow for safe social distancing practice, our studios have been marked with floor signage to allow a limited amount of members in a class at one time. For those who would need to self isolate at home, we have invested in live streaming software for most indoor classes in Studios 1 and 2 to be accessible "virtually" via the members online booking portal and Zoom. Take a look at what these will look like in our video here.

On arrival, members can tap themselves in using their membership cards and payments will be made using card only in all areas of the club.

We have completely redesigned and renetworked our gymnasium areas to allow for social distancing. Machines have been reduced and spaced out and glass partitions have been placed in between machines that are next to each other, where a person might be facing another.

The Airedale Bar are now on the app 'Dines' for you to pre-order your takeaway drink or order from your table inside to avoid queueing. Find full drinks menu here.

Our air handling system has been recalibrated to manage fresh air in and stale air out of the club on a regular basis. For further enhanced ventilation, we will be opening doors and windows every hour in the club to boost circulation.

Out of respect to our members and for total safety, we have asked all of our staff on duty to wear either a face mask or visor at all times.

Read on to find out more.


We are excited to reopen our doors and provide you with a huge range of safe workout options. You'll be able to make the most of a range of our facilities, with enhanced measures in place to ensure we can keep everybody safe and healthy:

We've redesigned our gym for optimum space and safety. All of our machines are still there, but a few less of each. Each machine is socially distanced by 2 metres or are separated by glass partitions. We have now safely reopened our HIIT room to workout in, read our strict safety guidelines for Studio 3 here. Our Kinesis room will be available for stretching and double up as bag drop whilst the changing rooms are closed.*

*Only swimmers can access changing rooms in Phase 1 of reopening indoor spaces.

We have now opened up bookable changing room slots after careful evaluation. Book online here.

Our outdoor gym, adjacent to Studio 3, has been kitted out with all of the free weights usually in the Club. Workout in separated 2 metre pods with cleaning products are on hand to allow equiment to be used safely. Our extensive cleaning team will also tackle the area and replenish cleaning products throughout the day. You can book your covered outdoor gym pod area here.

outdoor gym Hogarth club chiswick

Personal Training sessions will continue, with the coaching provided at a safe distance and with zero hands-on contact in a face mask for total safety. Members can still make use of their monthly inclusive Personal Training sessions which they can book with Reception. 

We have a brand new revised class timetable that will commence from our reopening date. Classes will be slightly shorter to allow for cleaning. The majority of classes that will be held in Studios 1 and 2 will be live streamed on a private ZOOM session for those needing to self-isolate at home. Access to the live stream will be via their online member booking portal where a unique password will be provided. Find out more about our classes here!

Our Tennis courts will be open for use and bookable online or over the phone. Enjoy a game of singles, doubles, private coaching and Tennis Drills out on court! Sadly our squash court will be closed for Phase 1 reopening and will only re-open once it is deemed safe to do so. We have reviewed Squash England's guidance which is very limiting and based on Hogarth's unique court position do not feel ready to open any squash offering at this stage.

Our Swimming pool will be open for use, but only to those who have booked a 30 minute session on line. Each pool session will limited to 3 people at one time. Our spa pool will also be available to useand bookable for 30 minutes. Only swimmers and spa pool users with a booking will have access to the changing rooms and showers and such users are encouraged to change in a reasonable time frame so not to overload these facilities. Our steam room and saunas will be closed in Phase 1 of our Club reopening and will only reopen when further guidelines support this and once we feel it is safe to do so.

Due to popular demand and after careful investigation and consideration, we have made the decision to open an extra lane in the swimming pool, so there are 4 30 minute swim sessions available to book online.

Upon further evaluation of the club, we felt confident that we could safely open up more spaces in the changing rooms. There are now 4 male and 4 female bookable spaces every 30 minutes. These are separate to Swimming Pool and Spa Pool bookings and only allow a shower and change. Please continue to arrive ready changed and only book a changing room slot for after our workout. Login and book online here.

Access to our showers and changing rooms will only be for those with a booking for the pool or spa pool. If you aren’t using the pool, we ask if you could arrive to the club ready in your gym-wear and to instead shower at home. There will be temporary "open lockers" in te Kinesis Studio next to the gym so members have somewhere to place jumpers or coats. Members using these facilities will store their belonging s at their own risk and are asked to respect social distancing as in all areas of the Club. Toilet facilities away from the changing rooms will be open for use as normal and will be cleaned regularly.

Upon further evaluation of the club, we felt confident that we could safely open up more spaces in the changing rooms. There are now 4 male and 4 female bookable spaces every 30 minutes. These are separate to Swimming Pool and Spa Pool bookings and only allow a shower and change. Please continue to arrive ready changed and only book a changing room slot for after our workout. Login and book online here.

Our Medispa is now open for most therapies. Beauty therapies are currently available for services from the neck down with facial treatments opening from the 1st August. Staff will be equipped with medical grade PPE and appointments spaced out to ensure enough time in between for deep cleaning and sanitisation. Email here to book or call 020 8747 4746.

The Hogarth Medispa is now open for all therapies and operating super safe. The waiting room is out of use so clients are met at their new entrance from the car park and taken up straight into the treatment room. Foot pedalled hand sanitiser is available to use on entry and exit to the spa. All staff will be in full PPE during treatments and payments will be made via card only behind a glass screen at Reception. www.thehogarthmedispa.co.uk

Most of our clinicians have returned for limited, emergency appointments in line with their governing bodies and are taking virtual appointments where possible. All therapists are equipped with medical grade PPE and are spacing out appointments to allocate enough time to deep clean the room in between clients. To book an appointment find their details here.

Gym facilities we are ready5


You'll soon be able to get back into your routine with the availability of our state-of-the-art gym facilities, with all the space, equipment and cleaning procedures you need to enjoy a safe varied and challenging workout.

Whether you've been yearning for your favourite cardio machines, desperate to get back to a huge range of free weights, or keen to pick up where you left off with our functional training equipment - we'll have everything you need  in our newly designed spacious gym area. All machines have been spaced out by 2 metres or separated between glass partitions to limit contact. Sanitisation stations with hand sanitiser and virucide cleaning equipment will be in all workout areas. We'll also be offering socially distanced PT sessions, so you can enjoy the added benefits of training under the guidance of our experts.

Our cleaning team have doubled in size, so expect to see our housekeepers in PPE regularly cleaning down frequently touched areas day and night.

The HIIT room (studio 3) will only be available to Personal Trainers to ensure the equipment is sanitised after every use. The Kinesis studio will also be open for use so members and Personal Trainers have more room to work with in sessions. With our additional outdoor gym area that offers 2 metre separated pods and a wide range of weights and benches, there is plenty of space for you to workout in while feeling safe.

Hogarth outdoor gym



We will reopen with an amended Autumn timetable which includes daily Yoga, Pilates, Group Cycling, Conditioning and HIIT classes in our spacious, dedicated areas. You can be rest assured that we'll be doing all we can to keep you safe while taking part. Find our studio timetable here. Studio 1 and 2 have been marked with floor signage where participants have their own 4 metre radius to safely exercise in. We have enough space in our studios to include up to 21 people in Studio 1 and 13 people in Studio 2 at one time. 10-15 minutes has been allocated in between classes to allow for deep and thorough cleaning and to limit potential contact. To keep super safe, our UV light cleaning robot will completely sterilise each studio at least once every day.

Classes in both these studios will also be live streamed with our brand new technology; watch our video here to see how it works. We have installed HD cameras and monitors on adjustable brackets so that those needing to continue self-isolating can join their favourite class on Zoom from home! Our spin bikes will be laid out on our brand new Cycle Deck. Class numbers will be in line with government guidelines.

We strongly recommend members to book their class online to guarantee themselves a space if the class. Classes that are marked with an asterisk (*) are strongly advised to book in advance as class numbers will be limited to ensure safe social distancing. Members can book by logging into or registering their online account in their online booking member portal at bit.ly/hogarthmemberlogin.

Classes on the timetable that are marked with a blue Zoom logo symbol are accessible live on Zoom. You can create your free Zoom account at zoom.us. Go to zoom.us/join and type in the Meeting ID to join a live streamed class. Each class Meeting ID can be found in the online member booking portal underneath the class name:

live streamed Hogarth class zoom login

New classes 4
New swimming pool3


Once we've reopened, our glistening blue swimming pool and relaxing spa pool will be open for a small number of people at one time. Our UV pool filtration system, combined with chlorine, effectively targets and eliminates bacteria, which thoroughly cleanses and purifies the water, making it a safe place for swimmers. We are following the guidelines set out by Swim England and PWTAG.

Bookings will be essential to use the pool and spa pool. The pool will be limited to 4 people at one time and the spa pool to 1 person at a time or 2 from the same household to safely control the area. Members can register their online account or book online via the members portal at bit.ly/hogarthmemberlogin.

Our steam room and saunas won't be available until we've gotten more guidance from the Government and until we are absolutely sure it is safe to do so.

Towels can be collected as usual from Reception on arrival and disposed of in the allocated towel bins - which can be found in the changing rooms and at Reception. Swimmers will have full priority over the showers and changing areas. However, after careful consideration, we have opened up bookable Changing room slots on the online members portal for members to safely shower.

Sunday Family Splash will be suspended until further guidelines have been published, we are able to increase the number of users of the changing room and we feel it is safe to resume.



Our outdoor tennis courtHogarthbe open in line with the LTA governing body and Government guidelines, so you don't have to miss out on your favourite tennis class and keep up with crucial exercise.

Courts are available for members to play singles, doubles and for private coaching sessions with one of our Tennis Coaches. Tennis drills will be up to 5 players and monthly events and annual tournaments will resume once we have further guidance from the LTA and Government.

The most updated LTA guidelines welcome back extremely vulnerable to tennis! Version 4 asks even the clinically extremely vulnerable, to consider playing tennis and meeting up with one person outside their household. Of course, maintaining social distancing and robust hand and respiratory hygiene are required. Please the latest LTA guidelines here. 

Bookings are made available 1 week in advance and can be made online - bit.ly/hogarthmemberlogin. Each session will set aside 10 minutes between bookings to allow players to safely exit and enter the court with minimal contact.

Our squash court will reopen once we are given approval and when we feel that it is safe to do so.

Tennis 2
Airedale collage


Our spacious indoor and outdoor bar, The Airedale, remained open for takeaway throughout Lockdown 2. Reopening in Tier 2 means that we can open the Airedale just as we did before the second lockdown - BUT alcoholic drinks can only be served with a substantial meal and we can stay open until 11pm although last drinks must be served by 10pm. We have made many changes to The Airedale, inside and out, to make sure that this is the safest, social place in town!

The indoor seating areas have been rearranged for social distancing and our brand new heated outdoor partitioned pods by the fire pit are the place to be! Indoors will see safety signage throughout the space with a one way system, glass partitions at the bar, card payments only and you can now pre-order items on the DINES app. Take a look at the drinks menu here which includes brand NEW fresh smoothies, juices and wines. View our latest sample food menu here. New guidelines state table service is essential or you can order your food and drink via the Dines app - location The Airedale. DOWNLOAD THE DINES APP HERE.


Medispa reopen2


The Hogarth Medispa will also be fully reopening on Wednesday 2nd December and all beauty therapy treatments can be resumed.

The Medispa have implemented a series of key safety measures to protect clients and our team, including a new point of access to the MediSpa. The team will be equipped with medical grade PPE such as FFP2 masks, gloves and visors to keep everyone safe and hand sanitiser will be on entry and exit to the Medispa. We also ask that clients arrive wearing a facemask also to further eliminate the potential spread of infection. Find Medispa reopening FAQs here. Appointments will be spaced out to allow for thorough cleaning and to minimise contact of other clients. Call 020 8747 4746 to book your appointment or discuss any questions that you may have.

Hogarth medispa chiswick ppe safe



Therapists that practice at The Hogarth Clinic were the first to return to The Hogarth under their respective professional body guidelines. Each professional body has it's own guidelines with all initially taking on in-clinic emergency appointments only, and taking virtual consultations where necessary. They are equipped with full medical grade PPE and are spacing out their appointments to allow ample time to thoroughly clean their room in between patients. Bookings are currently being made directly with each therapist. Please find their contact details here.

A return to normal bookings is likely to take place from 1 August, but please speak to your therapist who will update you. www.thehogarth.co.uk/clinic.

Clinic reopening web


If you are planning a visit to the Club, it is essential to keep the following in mind at all times please:

1. Please do not come to the club if you feel unwell.
2. Wash hands thoroughly with soap frequently.
3. Let us know if you or anyone in your household develop Covid-19 symptoms.
4. Wipe down equipment with the virucidal sprays provided before and after use.
5. Please adhere to social distancing at all times.
6. Do not remove cleaning materials/hand sanitiser from the Club.
7. Please be patient, polite and observe all notices, but of course if you have feedback for us please contact us directly.

Things will be a little different, but our bright, airy indoor spaces and diverse outdoor facilities will offer the perfect environment for you to enjoy a safe and varied fitness experience.

Contact us below for more information!