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The Hogarth Club draws from their knowledgable team of health and fitness experts for some insightful and informative articles on different areas of women's health.

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Training for Older Women

There are so many advantages to training in your latter years as a lady, yet many are nervous about whether it is sensible. If there is one thing The Hogarth stands for it is the value of training seniors.

By the time women have reached their later years they have had to navigate the menopause, potentially childbirth and the ebbs and flows of menstruation. On top of that comes the natural decelerating with age. Exercise has many benefits that will help you live a stronger, healthier and more fulfilling life so lets have a look at how we can help.

Find out our 11 GREAT benefits of training for older women

Post natal nicole

Working out as a mum by Personal Trainer Nicole

Hogarth Personal Trainer, Nicole Seidemann writes about her personal experience and challenges with exericising as a mum of 4, along with helpful tips and strategies to navigating this new challenge of keeping up with your training.

If you are too tired because you were up three times in the night, then you are too tired and really in no shape to do a big workout in the gym. But does that mean we end up doing nothing? No. We just need to change our way of thinking and what we define or classify as exercising or working out!

Menstrual cycle social

Training & The Menstrual Cycle

The first of our Women's Health Focus series looks at periods, the effect the cycle has on training and how athletes navigate this.

Man-splaining at its absolute finest, written by our Health & Fitness Manager, Vojin!

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Women's Foot Health

Feet can be the source of problems and solutions alike in the body. How they function in isolation, and in relation to the rest of your body when you are walking, running, lunging, and so on.

Wearing shoes that restrict your feet is a big contributor to bunions, affecting around 10 million women in the UK, amongst other foot and whole body issues. This sequence can help combat the effects of restrictive shoes, and help mitigate problems before they start.

Try these exercises along with Hogarth Personal Trainer, Katie Dutton, to test your foot strength and mobility. Good foot and ankle physical health is an essential part of a well rounded exercise routine!

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Adam and Jo discuss Perimenopause

Two familiar faces around the Club (Hogarth Personal Trainer Adam Jones and Sales Manager, Jo Harris) discuss Perimenopause / early menopause.

They touch on Jo’s experience with it, how training before and during can have a positive impact, and some essential exercises Adam recommends to his clients who are going through it.

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The Importance of Pelvic Floor Health

Caroline Wright, Hogarth physio and Women’s Health & Pelvic Floor Specialist, discusses the pelvic floor and how to overcome common problems. 

So many things that women accept as a necessary part of life (incontinence, pain, prolapse) are actually treatable symptoms of a weak or tight pelvic floor.
See if you can follow along with Caroline’s Pelvic Floor squeezes, and let us know in the comments if you learned something new!

You can book a session with Caroline by emailing info@louisejewersphysio.co.uk

Ruth mayorcas spotlight

Member Ruth Mayorcas nominated for Cycle UK’s 100 Women in Cycling 2021

Long-standing member of The Hogarth, Ruth Mayorcas was nominated for Cycling UK’s 2021 100 Women in Cycling, alongside Olympic gold medallists Katie Archibald MBE and Elinor Barker MBE. Ruth - aged 68, aims to encourage all women to feel empowered through cycling.