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HOGARTH MEMBERS: 50% OFF your first two shops with Weezy! August 26 2021 Nice to meet you, Chiswick. We’re Weezy: a revolutionary on-demand service that delivers quality groceries in minutes.

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August Bank Holiday Monday 2021 Opening Hours and Timetable August 24 2021 Click to find our opening hours and cancelled classes for Bank Holiday Monday 30 August 2021.

Nicole mum blog

Hogarth Women's Health Focus: Working Out As a Mum (of 4!) by PT Nicole August 20 2021 Personal Trainer Nicole Seidemann writes about her personal experience with training as a mum of 4, with helpful tips and strategies

Ruth blog

MEMBER STORY: Ruth Mayorcas nominated for Cycle UK’s 100 Women in Cycling 2021 August 13 2021 Long-standing member of The Hogarth, Ruth Mayorcas encourages all women to feel empowered through cycling

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Hogarth Women's Health Focus: Training for Elderly Women August 05 2021 Here are 11 GREAT benefits of training for older women.

Whm period blog

Hogarth Women's Health Focus: Training and The Menstrual Cycle July 21 2021 The first of our Women's Health Focus series looks at periods, the effect the cycle has on training and how athletes navigate this.

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COMEBACK FROM COVID July 20 2021 From a year of setbacks and battles with COVID.. how can we come back stronger?

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MEMBER STORY: 111 Days & Counting by Khal July 20 2021 We caught up with member Khal about his amazing achievement of attending the gym over 100 days in a row!

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HOGARTH STEP 4 OF ROAD MAP: 19th July July 14 2021 We are excited to bring you the next phase of life at The Hogarth Club, with updated Covid-Secure Protocols from July 19th.

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UPDATE 06.05.22 - The Hogarth is Reopening the Steam Room June 29 2021 [UPDATE 06.05.22 - Steam Room also reopening] The Hogarth Club will be reopening the steam room with immediate effect

Squash is back

SQUASH REOPENING FRIDAY 18 JUNE! June 17 2021 We have invested in a heavy duty ventilation system that has been extensively tested. Now we have safe air flow throughout the court, we can safely and confidently reopen for play!

Swimming is safe blog

How safe is it to swim in the current Covid-19 Pandemic? June 02 2021 Recent data shows that swimming pool water inactivates the COVID-19 virus in 30 seconds! Read on for further details.

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The Hogarth Does Brentford! June 02 2021 What a week for Brentford. But what was the apex for them, winning promotion to the Premier League or having a bunch of Hogarth misfits play at their stadium two days before?

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Groceries in a jiffy, delivered with Zoom. May 19 2021 If living a healthy lifestyle is at the top of your priority list, Zoom will fit like a glove. Sound good? Then give Zoom a go and enjoy 30% off your first shop.

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Everything You Need To Know For 17 May Reopening May 14 2021 As we head towards the next stop on the Government roadmap, read on for full information on Club changes.