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Discover HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) classes at The Hogarth Club in our dedicated HIIT studio.

High Intensity Interval Training classes of cardiovascular exercise that focuses on high intensity bursts of exercise followed by total rest or active recovery, which is then repeated. The aim of HIIT is to be working at or above 80% of your maximum heart rate, meaning you can only maintain that level of work for a short period of time until you need to rest.

Due to the intense nature of HIIT, it not only burns more calories during the session but the body also continues to burn calories after you have finished. The post-exercise period when the body is restoring itself to it’s pre-exercise state tends to last longer with HIIT, adding around 6-15% more calories to the overall energy expenditure. It has been proven to increase your aerobic and anaerobic fitness, cardiovascular health, as well as improve blood pressure, insulin sensitivity and cholesterol levels.


HIIT Classes at The Hogarth Club


This class provides a great cardio workout, as well as developing strength, endurance, co-ordination and balance through a range of different exercises in every class. Not to mention a fun and sociable challenge!

HIIT should be done a maximum of 3 times per week, and should be combined in your training programme with low/medium intensity cardiovascular exercise and strength training.


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