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We are delighted to welcome two new professionals to The Hogarth Clinic. Carlo Constandinou and Katie Hunter run The Chiswick Osteopathic Clinic and have been working as osteopaths for many years.

Carlo Constandinou

"I have been practicing for over twenty years; during that time I have developed a very family orientated practice.

The type of osteopathy I practice is very gentle and suitable for all ages, from newborn babies upwards. I enjoy the challenge of working with complex problems and have a keen interest in biomechanics and the physiology of pain. I very much see my role as treating the present problem but also making sure it does not return. I hope that when leaving a visit at our practice the client will know a lot more about how to stay pain free than when they arrived.

I spent years at the Osteopathic Centre for Children as one of the senior osteopaths where I was in charge of a team treating babies and children with a variety of conditions.

I had the good fortune to meet and work with fantastic paediatric osteopaths. I regularly attended the paediatric intensive care unit at Barnet General where I treated severely premature babies through a glove box. I also attended Great Ormond Street Children’s hospital when any of our patients were admitted there.

I look forward to meeting and working with some of you from our clinic upstairs here at The Hogarth.”


Katie Hunter

“I have been in practice for over ten years and my approach, like Carlo's, is very gentle and integrated. I have a strong background in science with a first class degree in microbiology. I was particularly struck by the comment of the founder of osteopathy who said that without good circulation good health is not possible. With this in mind I have developed particular skill in lymphatic drainage which, coupled with my other osteopathic skills, I find is a very effective holistic approach to health. The work has helped patients with conditions such as post operative swelling and discomfort, MS and bloating.

I use a lot of soft tissue techniques in my work and this allows me to treat people who feel that they are in need of general maintenance and would benefit from a massage but would like it to be more specific and targeted to any problems that are discovered.”


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