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Here's what a few of our members have to say after their Octagon Health and Fitness tests. Inclusive to all membership types, don't hesitate on booking in with one of the Gym team to focus your goals and boost your immunity health!

Happy to report that Octagon was a good experience! I found it a suitably focussed survey, which readily confirmed the stability of several elements in my Health and Fitness; but then highlighted sharply, changes in pattern and areas of concern. It became clear that fresh goals should be to restore core strength and to rebuild aerobic capacity, each somewhat reduced by months of walking-only lockdown.

-       Jonathan Wheatley

I really had thought that my days at the Hogarth were over, but now I feel ready for this new phase, especially after a Personal Training session with Adam. The Octagon was an excellent experience, which showed not only how my body has coped with Lockdown, but also what I need to work on for the future.

It was great to have BMI, cholesterol and blood pressure measured, and then to be tested for strength, balance and flexibility. All done with great expertise and confidence by Vojin. After five months of lockdown it is a privilege to be back. Many thanks.

-       Malcom Bullivant



The Octagon test was a great way to reset following lockdown and has given me clear goals to build upon in the coming weeks and months. Balancing the health measurement with exercise gave me a clear understanding of my overall fitness, which was incredibly helpful. And I’m glad the core strength came at the end because it was brutal!

-       Sarah Schijen


I exercise regularly but wanted to get an idea of my current levels of health and fitness and the Octagon tests seemed the perfect way to find out. My tests were conducted by Vojin, starting with my health by analysing and discussing eight key metrics including BMI, cholesterol, blood pressure and glucose. This was followed by a series of eight exercises to assess my mobility, flexibility, stability, core strength and aerobic capacity. Every test was explained clearly, the results discussed, and then recorded on two charts for me to keep. The whole process was both interesting and rewarding and whilst I am happy with my overall results, I now know which areas of fitness I need to work on! Highly recommended.

-       Nick Cowell

I found the Octagon test highly informative as it has made me aware of the things I was doing wrong in the gym and has given me the solutions in order to improve my performance.
- Danny Williams



I never had my glucose or cholesterol tested before, so it was really insightful. With both the Health and Fitness tests you really find out what is going with your body. It is like an MOT! I would definitely recommend it for members and it’s great as it is inclusive with your membership.”

-  Roisin Astell



I have referred to the Hogarth’s Octagon test as a body MOT. It is a comprehensive scrutiny of your physical fitness, including your aerobic capacity and quality of movement, as well as metrics in relation to your cardiovascular health.

Vojin has an excellent understanding of all the measures and provides specific advice in order to support you to set realistic goals.

The pandemic has certainly focused everyone’s attention on the importance of our health and fitness. The Octagon test is the perfect way to address our physical health; we are fortunate to have this opportunity for free as members of the Hogarth community.

            - Martina Lecky






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